Giving a Start to Your Thesis – an Quick Idea

1For great many scholars, it is quite an intricate affair to give a proper start to their thesis, essay or research paper. And introduction is, no doubt, the most important part of a written document, whether it is a research report or a story.

Many scholars choose to introduce thesis with a situation. To be on the safer side, you can also go the way. However, you can also give a small hint of your findings in your research paper. Remember, do not reveal your results in the introductory phase of your thesis; you just have to give a peep of what you have found. This way, you would be able to generate curiosity about your work, in your readers’ mind.

Seek references from books or previously published reports. If you are going to write thesis for the first time, it is probable that there must be so much confusion running across your mind. In such state, it is advisable to take reference from a couple books or previously published reports. Not only, will it help you give a start to your thesis, but also make clear the correct research paper format.

For references, you can find books and previously published reports in college or public libraries. You can also scan the World Wide Web to find references for your thesis. But, do not depend entirely on internet, as you may end up getting into the trap of wrong and irrelevant sources.

Taking help and references from other writer’s work is not considered as sin and plagiarism, you can follow the same pattern, and embroider your thesis. The topic and the area of your research should be distant from the thesis or book, from which you are taking reference. You just need to take hold of their writing style.

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