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Master's Thesis Proposal Writing Service

When you are working on your master's thesis proposal, you have to make sure that you follow all the guidelines, stick to the word count and present the proposal well. Apart from all this, portraying 100% correct and authentic information is mandatory. Ensuring all these qualities and finishing the proposal in time can be a real challenge if you are doing it on your own. Thesis Pal acts as your friend and guide that provide the online thesis help through the proposal writing stage.

How we help in Master’s Thesis Proposal

From getting you started with the proposal to preparing you for presenting it, we handle all steps with expertise.

  • Topic Selection: If you haven’t already decided a topic for research, then we start with suggesting the most viable and unique topics, as per your subject of specialization and interests. We have a repository of topics and explore innovative ones that are relevant.
  • Proposal Chapters: We will help you to write all the chapters of the proposal. The chapters are as follows:
    1. Introduction: Giving an impressive introduction is essential. We highlight the need for this research, objectives that you have set and expected results.
    2. Research Statement: The statement will state the hypothesis that you have formulated, and which will be proved through the study. This can either be a part of the introduction, or be a separate unit.
    3. Literature Review: We help you find the literary resources that are reliable and relevant. Plus, we will teach you the skill of conducting literature analysis and drafting the chapter in the correct format, along with required citations.
    4. Research Design: Deciding the methodology for your research is the basic step before you start working on it. We will help you decide the requirement for information, target group and sample size, methods for collecting and analyzing data, and format for presentation of results.
    5. Conclusion: You must conclude the proposal in such a way that the summary, as well as your plan, is clear. We write a crisp and meaningful conclusion.
    6. Bibliography: In many cases, a list of references is required to be submitted along with the proposal. We help you make the list as per the correct format and include all resources that you will use.
  • Research Timeline: Another very important component of proposal is the work schedule which you will follow for completing the research. The committee needs to know about your target for submission of the report before giving approval. We help you frame a timeline that is feasible and abides by the deadline that is set by the university.
  • Preparation for Presentation: Our experts provide master’s thesis proposal writing service will tell you how to present the proposal in such a way that the committee is convinced of your abilities. This will require active participation by the candidate to facilitate in depth understanding of all the aspects of the proposal.


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