Scholar Convergence from Being ‘Fun Friendly’ to ‘Dorky-Kooky’


Yeah! The first thing comes in mind corresponding to the above combination is none other than Sheldon Cooper.


The enriching journey of research, sometime or should I say most of the time, transforms you from a fun, outgoing, jovial and friendly being to a dorky, socially awkward and loony scholar.


You’ll start looking for reasons behind everything, and don’t be surprised when one day you’ll be looking reasons for your existence. Well, don’t laugh!! We’ve a lot to make you catch your stomach hard!


We have tried our best to let you make ROFL while reading some of the following fun facts about scholar deformation.

1. Weekends..? Are you kidding!

Well, there exists no weekends for you. You either will be planning for the coming days or compiling the work done in last week.

Yeah..yeah..don’t be upset!! One day you’ll do it your way!

2. Extensively Rich Vocabulary- understood by only few!

‘Problematic’, ‘Conceptual’, ‘Hegemony’ and ‘Ontological’, Crap!!

You’ll realize that your vocabulary is permanently scattered with words only your fellow scholars understand.

Monster3. LIMITED!! Social Skills

Going to the party? Well, that’s interesting, but what now? You’ll find yourself standing around and thinking about your research as you have nothing else to talk about.

Social4. Where does the stipend go?

Searching the money for buying STARWARS costumes and Congratulations, you have found 1 penny!

Well, the mystery is resolved’ll find yourself  spending your stipend only on PIZZA and wondering where does your stipend go!

Pizza5. Supervisor: Superficial conversation!

Trying to initiate a non-academic chit-chat with your supervisor: AWKWARD ALERT!!


Well, Well..we wish you all the luck  for your stay at the valley of insanely intellectual human being and be part of  some  AWKWARDNESS!

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