Top 5 Statistical Tools for Data Analysis

It’s difficult when you have to find out an end result after calculating so many figures. As in this calculative instant of time it’s empirical to participate number of data and find out the best result possible in any of your research, here what mainly you need are some authentic statistical tools that can simplify your data into an upshot. Thus, below mentioned are top 5 statistical tools that can help you in analyzing data

  1. Stata – When your dataset is of medium size, i.e. neither too long nor too short then Stata can be a fruitful tool for you. Available in the form of software, it opens data one at a time and is very compatible to use.
  2. SPSS Statistics – In order to use much tricky data SPSS plays a major role and thus it becomes difficult to use. It helps in data manipulation and can be used over the self statistical output control.
  3. SAS Analytics Pro- It is used for giant set of data and uses power and efficiency in relating data. SAS can’t be used by learners, but it requires expert knowledge to be used on. Not only tremendous tech support is required, but also a thorough knowledge of data collection and its analysis is required.
  4. Linear correlation and regression – To compare the relation between the data lying on the X-axis and Y-axis linear correlation is very essential. It is applied to independent factors, but regression analysis is unilateral in its approach. As an effect on X-axis will affect Y-axis too, but any effect on Y-axis may not affect X-axis.
  5. ANOVA (Analysis of variance) – It is a powerful statistical tool to compare the variance in result after data analysis when the outcomes are affected by more than one factor.

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